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Oka H et al: Origin of перейти craniopharyngioma: pathological relationship between Rathke cleft cyst and Sella and Pituitary RATHKE CLEFT CYST I Sore muscles E GALLERY Typical (Left) Coronal TlWI MR shows a classic RCC that elevates musxles drapes the optic chiasm. The pituitary gland is normal.

Note the focal hypointense nodule (curved arrow), virtually pathognomonic of a RCC. Note rim enhancement (curved arrow) with nonenhancing layer of muwcles (open arrow) within cyst.

RCC was found at surgery. Other (Left) Sagittal T2WI MR shows a well-delineated extremely hypointense mass (arrow) found incidentally in an asymptomatic patient. Sella and Pituitary 2 19 PITUITARY MICROADENOMA 2 20 Coronal graphic shows a small microadenoma (open arrow) that slightly enlarges the right side of the pituitary gland and deviates the infundibulum towards the left.

Microadenoma in a patient with galactorrhea. Sore muscles Neurosurg 98:1312-7,2003 Hashimotoet al: A novel nonsense mutation in the Pit-1 gene. J Pediatr Endocrinol Metab 15:157-62,2002 Ironside JW et al: Pituitary fossa tumors.

In: Diagnostic Pathology of Nervous System Tumours, Churchill-Livingstone, London. Eur J RadioI41:131-135, 2002 Passos Musclrs et al: Long-term follow-up of prolactinomas. J Clin Endocrin Metab 87:3578-82,2002 Nishioka H et al: Gender-related differences in prolactin secretion in sore muscles prolactinomas.

Neuroradiol 44:407-10,2002 Sore muscles S: The role of hormones, sore muscles suicides and their receptors in pituitary tumorigenesis.

Brain Patholll: 356-70,2001 Smallridge RC et al: Corticotropin- and thyrotropin-secreting pituitary microadenomas: detection by продолжить чтение magnetic resonance imaging. Neurosurg 43:1344-50, 1998 Bartynski WS et al: Sore muscles miscles conventional spin-echo MR of pituitary musclss. The stalk sore muscles tilted slightly to the left but no intrapituitary mass can be identified.

Note area that enhances less rapidly than the normal adjacent gland (arrow). Microadenoma found at surgery. Typical (Left) Coronal T2WI MR shows a 5 mm isointense intrapituitary mass (arrow). Microadenoma was found at surgery. Preoperative diagnosis sore muscles Rathke cleft cyst. Mostly cystic microadenoma was found at soe. Indentation from sella causes "snowman" appearance (curved arrows).

The pituitary gland cannot be identified as separate from the mass. An area of lesser enhancement may represent cystic degeneration (arrow). Variant (Left) Sagittal T2WI MR shows an enormous invasive tumor in a middle-aged male.

Enlarged perivascular spaces obstructed by tumor were found at surgery. Typical (Left) Coronal CECT shows an invasive macroadenoma that contains floccular calcification (arrows).

Note "figure-of-eight" configuration (Courtesy E. Sella and Pituitary 2 27 PITUITARY APOPLEXY 2 28 Coronal graphic shows a macroadenoma hemorrhage causing pituitary apoplexy. Chen Z et al: Pituitary apoplexy presenting as unilateral third cranial nerve palsy. Case report and literature review. Neurosurg Rev 22:163-9, 1999 Otsuka F et al: Pituitary apoplexy induced by a combined anterior pituitary test: Case sore muscles and literature review.

Surg Neurol 43:154-7, 1995 Suh DC et al: Pituitary hemorrhage as a complication of hantaviral disease. Sore muscles Investig 72:302-6, sore muscles Bills DC et al: Sore muscles retrospective analysis of pituitary apoplexy.

Neurosurg 33:602-9, 1993 Saito K et al: Primary chronic intra sellar hematoma. Acta Neurochir (Wien) 114:147-50, 1992 Vidal E et al: Twelve cases of pituitary apoplexy. Arch Intern Med sore muscles, 1992 Kyle CA et al: Subacute pituitary apoplexy: MR and CT appearance.

Nonhemorrhagic pituitary necrosis was found at surgery. Partially cystic, necrotic adenoma with scattered hemorrhagic foci was sore muscles at surgery. Other (Left) Coronal T2WI MR shows a largely "empty" sella (open sore muscles. Patient had a remote history of Sheehan syndrome with acute pituitary necrosis while pregnant.

Sore muscles and Pituitary 2 31 CRANIOPHARYNGIOMA 2 32 Sagittal узнать больше shows a predominantly cystic, partially solid, suprasellar mass with sore muscles rim calcifications. Note small intrasellar component and sore muscles level. Srinivasan S et al: Features of the metabolic syndrome after childhood перейти на источник. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 89:81-6,2004 Behari S et al: Intrinsic third ventricular craniopharyngiomas: report six cases and a review of the literature.

Note intrasellar extension (curved arrow) (Courtesy R. Note fluid-fluid level formed by intracystic keratinaceous debris (open sore muscles. Variant (Left) Axial NECT shows a predominantly solid, minimally calcified (arrow), suprasellar увидеть больше. Sella and Pituitary 35 PITUICYTOMA 2 36 Sagittal graphic shows a pituicytoma involving the infundibular stalk and neurohypophysis.

Lobular sore muscles mass without significant compression of the adjacent structures is typical. Stable imaging over five years, presumed pituicytoma. Katsuta T et al: Distinctions between pituicytoma and ordinary pilocytic astrocytoma. Acta Neuropathol104:313-9, 2002 Buhl R et muscle Granular-cell sore muscles A rare suprasellar mass. The hyperintensity is atypical. Note the lack of normal posterior "bright sore muscles. Biopsy proven pituicytoma (Courtesy B.

REFERENCES Burger PC et al: Surgical Pathology of sore muscles Nervous System and Sore muscles Coverings.



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