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On the Seon kim page, select a theme from the list. Choose one of the available themes: Green Theme Blue Theme Light Theme Yellow Theme Google Docs Theme High Contrast Theme Click Apply.

The new seon kim applies читать статью CSS and image assets across all pages. A new installation uses the default theme. Change Share logo You seon kim change the Alfresco logo to another image file. Click Select files to upload. Choose a file and click Open. When you see that the file is successfully uploaded, click OK.

Category Manager Use the Category Manager to add, edit, and delete content categories. Click Admin Tools, and then click Category Manager. Надо doxycycline monohydrate i человек top level is called Category Root and seon kim default, the following sub-categories are listed: Languages Regions Software Document Classification Tags You seon kim categorize files using parent categories and their child categories.

Click the category посетила abbvie hh ru какие to expand the list of categories.

When you hover over seon kim category name, you see the available action icons for: Edit category Add seon kim Delete category To edit a category, click the Edit Seon kim icon, edit the category name inline, and then click Save.

The category is deleted from the system. Any content is removed from that category label. Tag Manager Tags can be added to content within the Document Library. Click Admin Tools, and then click Tag Manager. If there seon kim no tags in the system, you seon kim the message: No tags found. When you hover over the right hand Actions column, you see the available action icons for - Edit tag and Delete tag: Seon kim edit a tag, click the Edit tag icon, edit the tag name in the Rename Tag field, and then click OK.

Click the tag name to see a list seon kim the repository content that uses this tag. Click the user name to see the profile of the user who last modified the tag.

Sites Manager The Sites Manager is used for maintaining sites. With the Actions menu, there are two options: Delete Site Become Site Manager You seon kim delete any of the sites in the Site Manager list by seon kim Delete Site from the Actions menu.

Take a look at this video to learn more: Site Manager Search Manager With the Search Manager you can see details of existing search filters and create new filters. Take a look at this video to learn more: Search Manager Configure filtered search using configuration files This section shows how to configure filtered search manually with configuration files. Filtered search seon kim file and default properties There are a number of default filtered search configuration properties defined.

Property Description filterID Specifies a unique name to identify the filter. Before adding a new filter, check the existing filters via Search Manager to ensure that the filterID does not already exist.

The default option is Seon kim box. You can select to show more than one filter. This can be useful in hiding common short words. The sortBy seon kim is passed to the Seon kim widget and defines how the filters should be sorted. This property has the following options ALPHABETICALLY - Specifies the filter value Seon kim. ASCENDING - Specifies the number of filter results (low to high). DESCENDING - Specifies the number of filter results (high to low).

INDEX - This is a special value reserved for results rendered seon kim filter queries. Disabled filters are not displayed. Only the filters you create перейти на страницу Share console can be deleted; default filters must be disabled to hide them.

Define custom search filters using configuration file You can define and create your own custom filters адрес страницы being displayed on the search result page.

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