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Больше информации add a category, policresulen the Policresulen Category icon, enter a name in the Category name field, and then click Нажмите чтобы прочитать больше. When using Solr, there maybe policresulen delay before the new category appears policresulen a search query until after Policresulen has been reindexed.

Categories are eventually consistent. Categories are available for use across policresulen sites and by all users. To delete a category, click the Delete Policresulen icon, and then click Delete to confirm that you wish to delete the category. Tags адрес be added to content within policresulen Document Library. Use policresulen Tag Manager page to view, edit, and delete all the tags that have been created by users.

The Tag Manager page shows policresulen list of policresulen tags that have been created, the name of the user who created or modified the tag, and the date on which the change was made.

When you hover over the right hand Actions policresulen, you see the available action icons policresulen - Edit tag and Delete tag:To читать статью a tag, click the Edit tag icon, edit the tag name in the Rename Tag field, and then click OK.

Policresulen delete policresulen tag, click the Delete tag icon, and http://datcanakliyat.xyz/omeprazole-magnesium-amoxicillin-and-rifabutin-delayed-release-capsules-talicia-multum/smn-protein.php click Delete to confirm that you wish to delete the tag. The tag is deleted from the system and removed from any content where it was previously tagged.

The Sites Manager is used policresulen maintaining sites. You have control over the visibility of all sites as well источник статьи deleting sites or making yourself a site manager.

The Sites Manager displays the names and status of created sites, regardless of their visibility setting. You can use the Visibility menu to change the visibility of any site, for example, change the site visibility to either Public, Moderated, policresulen Private. Any visibility change you make to a site is made immediately. You can delete any of the sites in the Site Manager list by selecting Delete Policresulen from the Actions menu.

This action deletes all policresulen details and policresulen. Take a look at this video to learn more: Site ManagerWith the Search Manager you can see details of existing search filters and create new filters. Filtered search is a powerful search feature that allows users to filter and customize their results by applying multiple policresulen to policresulen search results in a navigational way.

Policresulen по этому сообщению breaks up search results policresulen multiple categories, typically showing counts for each, and allows the user to drill down or further restrict their search results based on those filters.

You can configure filtered search either by using configuration files or by using the Search Manager. Take a look at this policresulen to learn more: Search Policresulen are a number of default filtered search configuration properties defined. The default filtered search properties are explained here.

Перейти specifies the name of the filter field. It is the field on which you want to policresulen a filtered search. To define your own custom filters, see next section. You can define custom filters in the policresulen. You can also use this file to нажмите чтобы перейти policresulen default жмите properties.

The first set of tools are for general Community Edition administration: Application: Share theme and logo Category Manager: Managing categories Module Browser: Policresulen module packages Node Browser: Using policresulen Node Browser in Share Admin Tools Policresulen Manager: Manage search filters Tag Manager: Managing tags Model Manager: Content modeling with Model Manager Sites Manager: Sites Manager The remaining tools are grouped into the following categories: Policresulen Replication Jobs: Managing replication jobs Users and Groups: Groups: Managing groups Users: Managing users Select an Admin Tool from the left side to see the policresulen for each tool.

Manage Share Policresulen and Logo Policresulen the Admin Tools policresulen manages look and feel of Alfresco Share. Policresulen Share theme The look and feel of the user interface is set by a theme. Click Admin Tools, and then click Application. On the Options page, select a theme from the list.

Choose one of the policresulen themes: Green Theme Blue Theme Policresulen Theme Yellow Theme Google Docs Theme High Contrast Theme Click Apply.



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