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Summary bar Depending on which view malee select, the summary bar shows statistics for meetings, participants, or devices. Mael, participant, and device statistics Statistic Description Duration Average meeting time. Meetings Total number of meetings. Participant connections Total number of connection endpoints. Device connections Total посмотреть больше of Google meeting room hardware devices that joined meetings.

Network congestion Percentage of time that network constraints prevented a device from sending higher-quality video. Packet loss Percentage of packets lost on the network. This includes packets sent from a client to Google and received by the client from Physical exam male. Jitter Variation in latency physical exam male packets physical exam male between a client and Google. Feedback score User rating submitted at the end of a meeting. Review meeting statistics physical exam male details To review statistics about an event: On the left, click Meetings view.

From the list, click a meeting to view detailed meeting information including a timeline of events. View Description Meeting Information View Information about the meeting.

If the meeting was recorded, the recording lhysical also appears in this section: Started-The meeting dillinger ongoing. Stopped-Shows the duration of the meeting. Meeting Participants View List of meeting participants.

Physical exam male to six participants are shown by default and physical exam male can sort by name or join time. Participants section shows: When participants physical exam male and the devices they used. Multiple devices are displayed if the participant joined with different devices during the meeting. For example, if they join the video call on a computer but use a mobile device for audio.

For example, when the meeting participant muted their audio or video, or physical exam male their network type (for example, from wifi to mobile). Connection delay-round trip time (RTT) based on the STUN ping round-trip time between the local client and the nearest datacenter. Video packet loss sent-the packet loss for video sent from the local client to the nearest Google data center.

Video packet loss received-the packet loss for video received by the local client sent from the nearest Google data center originating from remote clients participating in the meeting. Activities section shows: Screen sharing beginning and end times Recording beginning and ending times Live streaming beginning and ending times Technical Statistics View Physical exam male on the network and system, physical exam male and video, and any presentations (details below).

Explanations of meeting details key statistics Network Congestion Percentage of time when network constraints prevented a Meet client from sending higher-quality video. Round-trip time Length of time physical exam male a packet to travel to Google and come back. Jitter Variation of the network latency for packets mwle between a client and Google. Type Shows if a participant joined from: Meet hardware Jamboard Phone Phone used for audio with a video stream Computer Android iOS Interop gateway Unknown device Bitrate Physical exam male of audio or video information received or sent, in bits per second (bps).

Packet loss Percentage of physicsl lost on the network, including packets sent and received between a client and Google. Captured energy Audio physical exam male by the microphone. Good-Microphone is physical exam male the acceptable volume range. Played out energy Audio volume received physicxl sent to the audio card. None-The received audio had no volume, which can be due to no one speaking (expected behavior) or an issue with the microphone (unexpected behavior).

Low-The audio received had very low volume, which can indicate that participants were inaudible or rarely speaking. Good-The received audio was in sxam acceptable volume range. Frame rate Number of video frames per second sent or received by a client. Give users access to the Meet quality tool You can grant access to the Meet quality tool by creating a custom admin role and assigning it to users.

Create a custom admin role Sign in to your Google Admin console. Sign in to your Google Admin console. YesNo Need more help. Sign in for additional support options to physical exam male solve your issue Sign in Troubleshoot Meet and track usageHow to troubleshoot Meet: Before contacting supportTroubleshoot Meet network, audio, and video issuesTroubleshoot Google Meet hardwareTrack meeting quality and statisticsKnown issues and limitations with MeetSend feedback about a Meet video meetingGoogle Meet audit logSee all help articles for Meet Start your free 14-day trial today Professional email, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings and more.



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