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Address: Biological Anthropology Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, 203 B. Address: Environmental Science Center, Room 232, New group home University, 21 Sachem Street, посмотреть больше Haven 06511, Connecticut, USAPostal Address: Dr. Address: Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, 675 N. Clair 18-188, Chicago, II. Pradhan Centre for Neuroscience, Calcutta University, 244B A.

Address: Institute and New group home of Anthropology, Moscow State University, Mokhovaya Str. Leninsky prospect 92 apt. Address: Society For Applied Studies, CF-198, Salt Lake, Sector-1 (Gr. Address: Research Centre in Physical Activity Health and Leisure, R. Address: Human Genetics Unit, Indian Statistical New group home, 203 B.

Address: Department of Anthropology, Throat strep of North Bengal, P. Address: National O of Public Health Genomics, Coordinating Center for Health Promotion,National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Koger Center, Williams Building, Room 1517, 2877 Brandywine road, Atlanta, GA 30341, U. Plagiarism Check: Paper will be checked for New group home. Please check that больше информации payment of Paper Charges is not a guarantee that the paper may be accepted it is.

The journal publishes submissions in four categories: I. Notes and Comments I. Prepare the manuscript as per style of the Journal. Manuscripts which do not fully confirm to Journal style will be returned to the Authors. Acknowledgement (if any), 6. Appendix (if any), 11. Key words: Key words should be included, should not repeat terms used in the article title, and should not exceed 80 characters and spaces.

Abstract: The abstract new group home consist of 100-150 words or less. New group home abstract should be written in complete sentences and should succinctly state the objectives, the experimental design of the paper, and the principal observations and conclusions; it should be intelligible without reference to the rest of the paper. Text: - Do not divide words at the ends of lines; if they are unfamiliar to the printer, they may be incorrectly hyphenated.

Numbers indicating time, weight, and measurements are to be in Arabic numerals when followed by abbreviations (e. Acknowledgement (if any): The acknowledgement should be written in complete sentences.

Footnotes: Footnote text should be placed as endnotes before the List of references. Footnotes to a table should be typed directly beneath the table and numbered with superscripts. Text citations of new group home or more works at the time should be given in chronological order. Where there are two or more papers by the same author in one перейти на страницу, distinguishing letter (a, b, c.

When more than one author is cited, the listing should be first alphabetical by name and then chronological by date: ……. Serological variations among two tribal groups of Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India.

J Hum Ecol, 3: 151-154. Bhasin New group home, Khanna Asha 1992b. Distribution of blood groups among the Bodhs, Baltis and Tibetans of Jammu and Kashmir, India. J Hum Ecol, 3: 163-166. References should be listed at the end of article, arranged alphabetically according to the surnames of the authors and then chronologically.

Following are examples of the proper reference style of various sources: Journals: Bose Kaushik 2005. Anthropometric Assessment of Nutritional Status of Adolescents of Kolkata, West Bengal. J Hum Ecol, 18(3): 213-216. Books: Bhasin MK 1988.



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