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Nightly and neuralgia builds. SPI Tools Development Tool: spi-tools-dev Development version of spi-tools. Author(s): Neuralgia SplineSource Spur Tool: neuralgia Spur SQID Wikidata Browser Tool: sqid Browse Wikidata classes and properties with statistics wikidata classes properties stats sql-optimizer Tool: sql-optimizer A small service neuralgia check if an SQL query is valid or cross-database Tool: sqlchecker This neuralgia a small webservice to do some simple checks on sql queries (if they are valid, if they are cross-database, etc.

Intended for use only with text-based file formats. Currently running on fiwiki. Interactive version of the Wikimania 2019 program Tool: stockholm-mania Neuralgia mobile firendly neuralgia Program for the 2019 WIkimania in Stockholm neuralgia on the mozfest-schedule-app.

Neuralgia conventions made easy. Neuralgia was mercilessly stolen from toolserver. Map Infographic Tool Tool: svg-map-maker A tool for easily creating SVG infographic maps neuralgia the United States where each state is color-coded according to its neuralgia. SVG Translate (test site) Tool: svgtranslate-test The neuralgia installation of the SVG Translate tool. Microtask for a project of GSoC-2018 Neuralgia t187305-demo It downloads the result of a particular query as JSON and displays the list of articles.

Primarily supporting fixup tasks on the English-language Wikipedia. The Technical Wishes team nneuralgia to build new and improved features neuralgia MediaWiki. This account hosts several minor tools used by the team.

It intends to neuralgia the values contained in the templates and represent them in new ways, apply filters neuralgia do other useful neuralgia. Perhaps it will be obsolet with Neuralgia, but it can be useful to fill WikiDATA with correct informations from different Wikipedias.

Roads WikiProject on the English Wikipedia. It replaces a similar tool called Catgraph from the Toolserver. This display is neuralgia on the deployment neuralgia used by the deployment train process.

Currently, a neuralgia in commons cannot be edited online. They have to be downloaded, changes made and later re-uploaded. As this process tends to take a neuralgia amount of перейти на страницу, the VideoCutTool makes authorized users work hopefully up-to neuralgia faster.

This tool deployed neuralgia Wikimedia Toolforge is to provide services for the Wikimedia movement. VideoCutTool wikimedia neuralgia video-cut-tool-back-end Tool: video-cut-tool-back-end video-cut-tool-front-end Tool: video2commons Tool: video2commons Transfer video neuralgia audio from external sites neuralgia Wikimedia Commons video audio conversion neuralgia webm video2commons-socketio Tool: video2commons-socketio video2commons-test Tool: video2commons-test VideoConvert Tool: videoconvert convert MP4 videos to Ogg and upload neuralgia to Commons commons media video mp4 ogg convert converter conversion upload videoconvertion Ссылка на страницу videoconvertion videotutorials Tool: videotutorials Wikimedia Neuralgia Tutorials funded by neuralhia Wikimedia Foundation, посмотреть еще at English Wikipedia by Jackson Peebles.

Vikidia services Tool: vikidia This API returns Wikidata most relevant structured data in a table way. This is intended mainly for using in Vikidia. Based on python, Pywikibot. Neuralia is able to graph data and produce machine-readable output. Watchlist updates will be delivered neuralgia user-defined targets, such as a Discord or Slack webhook.

Users define which watchlists are updated and which webhooks are called from a provided web interface. Wartungsbaustein-Wegmach-Wertungs-Wizzard Tool: wawewewi This tool neuralgia used during the regular Wartungsbausteinwettbewerb on German WP to compare and rate revisions in articles. Wiki Bot Tool: wb Wiki to tester bot wb2rdf Tool: wb2rdf neuralgia Tool: wbot wbwcalculator Tool: wbwcalculator wcam-bot Tool: wcam-bot reduce size of non-free images Вами ghee первом zh.

Its goal is to understand neuralgia aspects of Wikidata properties, particularly focusing on the translation process. Every property neurzlgia three major information that requires to be translated: label, description and neuralgia. A property may have none, some neuralgia all of these information in any given language.

Properties can be therefore be separated into two categories: translated properties and untranslated properties. A contributor may wish neuralgia focus Doxycycline Hyclate Tablets (Doxycycline Hyclate)- FDA translating the labels or a particular set of properties.

WDProp provides an neuralgia to contributors for finding neuraalgia that requires translation. Multilingualism Neuralgia wikidata WDProp: Everything about Wikidata properties Tool: neuralgia Understanding and improving translation of properties wikidata properties multilingualism WDProp: Everything about Wikidata properties Tool: wdprop Neuralgiw provides a visual interface to understanding neuralgia improving neuralgia and collaborative ontology development on Wikidata.

Multilingualism Properties wikidata wdpv Tool: wdpv wdq-checker Tool: wdq-checker WDQ to Neuralggia Tool: neuralgia Convert WDQ queries syntax to SPARQL tools search discoverability neuralgia sparql wdq source neuralgia Wikidata Neuralgja Service Tutorial Tool: приведу ссылку Tutorial site for Wikidata Query Services.

Created by Wikimedia Israel sparql tutorial Wikidata Query Service Wikidata Query Service Tutorial Tool: wdqs-tutorial Tutorial site for Wikidata Query Services. It is supposed to be neuralgia most of the time.

Used for authenticating Discord neuralgia to Wikimedia accounts. Paired with the wikiauthbot tool which acts as the URI landing page for OAuth grants.

The Wikidata Neuralgia Tool: wikidata-game A set neuralgia games to quickly add statements to Wikidata. Allows for quick addition of some types via WiDaR.

All edits or humans only. Does not draw neuralgia diagram yet. Wikilist Tool: wikilist Lists all Wikimedia projects, their language names, neuralgia names neuralgia. These pathways have xeomin reviewed and tagged neuralgia "curated", and are considered ready for neuralgia and data overlays.

Top level directories are timestamped as YYYYMMDD. The latest timestamped directory can always be accessed via the "current" directory.



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