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You make ms diagnosis laugh every day. We at Amirsys and Elsevier are proud to present a precedent-setting, image- GaviLyte-C sulfate, bicarbonate, sodium chloride potassium chloride)- F graphics-packed series that debuts with a brand-new work by Anne G.

This splendid work represents the textbook of the twenty-first century: Not продолжить чтение old-fashioned, dense prose exposition with comparatively few images.

The unique bulleted format of ms diagnosis Diagnostic Imaging books allows our authors to present approximately twice the information and four times the images per diagnosis, compared to the old-fashioned traditional prose textbook. These richly illustrated books will cover all major body areas and follow a similar format.

The same information is in the same place: Every time. A welcome innovation is the new visual differential diagnosis "thumbnail" that provides at-a-glance looks at entities that can mimic the diagnosis in question. In short, this is a product ms diagnosis with you, the reader, in mind. After several years of taking the pulse of the medical community, lecturing far and wide, and hearing the "pros" and "cons" of her earlier books (mostly "pros") she has decided to abandon the usual conventions of medical textbooks.

In this volume, she and her co-authors (a cadre of neuroradiological household names), ms diagnosis Dr. James Cooper, a medical illustrator in the tradition of Frank Netter, deliver diagnostic neuroradiology плох individual правы its most ms diagnosis and user-friendly format to date.

Building on the experience and female orgasm com of the series of "Top 100 Diagnoses", this is now the one volume that makes the radiologist conversant with his or her clinical constituency, not only in arriving at a diagnosis, but in discussing the pathology, anatomy, clinical manifestations, and treatment rationales.

As radiology has become the cornerstone of medical diagnosis, the radiologist is often the first physician with whom a patient interacts. This book assumes that there are many instances in which the radiologist is thrust into the role of primary physician, and ms diagnosis provides a concise package of facts about a given disease or radiological sign that can be quickly and easily accessed and ms diagnosis in a written report or a discussion, adding value for the patient and referring physician.

It would be difficult to find a wasted word ms diagnosis this book. As a result, hordes of words have been reduced to a ms diagnosis arsenal of bullets and bulleted statements. This conservation ms diagnosis linguistic space allows profuse ms diagnosis of illustrations.

Ms diagnosis quality of photographs is superb and there is ample use of color for the pathologic and anatomic photos, many of which are positioned adjacent to Dr. Illustrations of major anatomy, pathology, and radiological findings are uniformly 6x6 cm (a size ms diagnosis most readers are accustomed to seeing on a PACSstation) and the illustrations of differential diagnoses, being of less importance, are 3x3 cm.

Figures are well spaced and are not cluttered with overuse of arrows and other notation. Diagnostic Imaging: Brain, in a single volume, is the "internet" neuroradiology and diseases of the central nervous system: complete, accessible, concise, and up to date.

The only thing ms diagnosis seems to be missing is a chain and lock to keep it ms diagnosis being stolen from the table next to the PACSstation. Perhaps that will be an option with the next больше на странице. The proverbial cat is out of the bag, and you literally see it in front of your eyes: An exciting, brand-new approach to teaching textbooks in diagnostic radiology. Ric Harnsberger and I had a vision when we started Amirsys.

We wanted ms diagnosis found an author-centric company that would be both market-facing and database-driven, specializing in highly innovative yet simple ways of presenting complex content. This translates into an ever-increasing case load. We need our information in easily accessible format. The closer to the "point-of-care" the better. Ms diagnosis available PRs-iS in all-now cover all parts ms diagnosis the body and are available in both print and PDA.

We love the graphics ms diagnosis high information density that is the result of using bulleted text (rather than traditional prose).



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