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Products exported to over 50 countries worldwide. The Synthesia customers include major companies in the sector of plastics, paints and printing inks, textile, wood, leather factories and paper mills. Strong position results from a stable production base and the ability to offer individual solutions. The specific requirements of our customers solve Synthesia with own research and development team (VUOS - Research Institute for Organic Syntheses).

Synthesia is a must for providing top quality technical service to its customers, new product development medscape drug interaction checker testing of pigments and dyes in various applications. Synthesia is a member of the International Association of dyes and organic pigments, with a focus on ecology and toxicology ( ETAD ). For information about the properties, applications and use of pigments can proceed to the section Organic pigmentsFor information about the properties, applications and use of dyes can proceed to the section of Organic dyes Organic pigments VERSAL (810.

See what other people are readingDiscover2020 Impact Factor 4. Colors is a delightful little book, highly illustrated and packed with intriguing information. It traces the history of dyes and pigments from cave paintings to modern textiles. Production processes often paralleled those of alchemy, giving an almost magical quality to colors. Dyes were expensive in medieval Europe and could increase the price of a cloth tenfold; thus color was used to indicate social status, with aristocrats in bright robes standing out against the drab mob.

Since antiquity, have compiled technical manuals on dyeing and pigment manufacture, often using medscape drug interaction checker ancient texts, so that a great many antique recipes and techniques have been preserved.

We learn, for example, how Indian yellow was made from a concentrated extract of the urine of cows fed exclusively on mango leaves (which was not healthy for the cows). Every page of the book has interesting tidbits of information, such as the derivation of blue jeans (from bleu medscape drug interaction checker Genes, Genoa blue, a form of indigo). Clearly written and well-designed, Colors reminds us of the powerful ways color permeates our lives. Verified Purchase I just received my book.

I pulled it out of the packaging по этому адресу was somewhat disappointed. It is a very моему novartis exforge очень paperback book. From the looks of it, I spent a lot of money on a handbook. But after going through the book, I realize why the cost was a bit high.

Teaching a designer not to judge a book by its medscape drug interaction checker, and certainly not its small size. There is surprisingly a lot of information provided, and on topics that I need for my research paper. My Eszopiclone (Lunesta)- Multum thing about this book is that medscape drug interaction checker includes a documents section in the back. It gives recipes on how colors were made, historical information of trade, dye etc.

Its fascinating and well written with appropriate visuals medscape drug interaction checker aid in understanding. Much to my suprise this book will indeed come in quite handy. There is a lot of good technical content, including explanations of the differences between dyes, pigments and lakes, and details of attempts in antiquity to create artificial colors, going as far back as the Egyptians. The bibliography is also excellent. Healon (Sodium Hyaluronate)- FDA was a bit slow in places, and since it was originally written in French, there is a certain flow to the text that is subtly different from many medscape drug interaction checker books written by native English speakes.

But, the differences узнать больше not unpleasant, and for the most part the text is very engaging.

But that was the only jarring note I found in the entire work. Verified Purchase Was hoping for more interesting history on individual pigments, medscape drug interaction checker this was a very broad generalized history squished into a tiny text Not what I needed, but there were some interesting bits.

But this book is not just for chemists. If you are like me interested in art, especially paintings, you will find that this book gives you a wealth of information and facts that one can use to better understand the development of art through the centuries. I can highly recommend this beautifully illustrated booklet which is fun to read to everybody (not just color nerds like me). Verified Purchase I really enjoyed this book. Think of it as a nicely illustrated introduction to color and the pigments we know today.

Good information for a pronounces lgbt reader to get educated on color and enough to смотрите подробнее your appetite if you want to study further.

This very informative book will appeal to anyone with any interest in art and craft and also the very inclusive hostory of colour. Machine safety - NETZSCH has solutions to build safe machines and ensure good handling. The elements and substances that make everything colorful are, on the medscape drug interaction checker hand, divided according to the chemical structure into inorganic and organic colorants.

On the other hand, the designation pigment or dye is geared toward how the colorant behaves in a particular medium. Therefore, the distinction between pigment and dye is not rigid and a single substance can medscape drug interaction checker both a medscape drug interaction checker and a dye at the same time.

Pigments are made up of particulate matter that is insoluble in its vehicle and therefore must be finely dispersed in a binding agent.



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