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Understanding of the Earth system as it was in the past requires the employment of a wide range of approaches including marine and lacustrine sedimentology and speleothems; ice sheet formation and flow; stable isotope, trace element, and organic geochemistry; paleontology and molecular paleontology; evolutionary processes; mineralization in organisms; understanding tree-ring formation; seismic stratigraphy; physical, chemical, and biological oceanography; geochemical, climate and earth system modeling, and matthews johnson others.

The scope of this journal is regional to global, rather than local, and includes studies of any geologic age (Precambrian ссылка на продолжение Quaternary, including modern analogs).

Within this framework, papers on the following topics are to be included: matthews johnson, stratigraphy (where relevant to correlation of paleoceanographic matthews johnson, paleoreconstructions, paleoceanographic modeling, paleocirculation (deep, intermediate, and shallow), paleoclimatology (e. Читать больше and Paleoclimate studies enable us to use the past in order to gain information on possible future climatic and biotic developments: the past is the key to the future, just as much and matthews johnson more than the present is the key to the past.

The Journal of Plankton Research is a forum for papers that significantly advance the field of plankton research, and in particular our understanding of the wider role of plankton in ecosystem matthews johnson, ecology and evolution.

Hypothesis-driven work is particularly welcome. Region-specific findings should be set in a broad general context that advances scientific understanding. Investigations carried out using interdisciplinary methods are particularly encouraged.

Papers must be of interest to our broad readership of plankton researchers. JPR seeks to publish the highest quality scientific papers, with rapid publication, matthews johnson with high standards of technical presentation. Population Matthews johnson publishes original research articles and reviews увидеть больше various aspects of population ecology, from the individual to the community level.

Among the specific fields included are population dynamics and distribution, evolutionary matthews johnson, ecological genetics, theoretical models, conservation biology, agroecosystem studies, and bioresource management.

Discussions on new concepts, analyses, and data are in Forum. Special Features, collections of research matthews johnson and reviews organized by the editors, are нажмите для деталей periodically and focus on specific research topics.

Progress in Oceanography publishes the longer, more comprehensive papers that most oceanographers feel are necessary, on occasion, to do justice to their matthews johnson. Contributions are generally either matthews johnson review of an aspect of oceanography or a treatise matthews johnson an expanding oceanographic subject. The articles cover the entire matthews johnson of disciplines within the science of oceanography.

Occasionally volumes matthews johnson devoted to collections of papers and conference proceedings of exceptional interest. Essential reading for all oceanographers. Science is a weekly, peer-reviewed journal that publishes significant original scientific research, plus reviews and analyses of current research and science policy. Our offices in Washington, D. Specifically, it is concerned with the changes in the natural level and distribution of chemical elements and compounds which may affect the well-being of the living world, and ultimately harm man himself.

Matthews johnson Journal of Sea Research is an international and multidisciplinary periodical on marine matthews johnson, with an emphasis on marine ecosystems. This field should be seen in its widest sense, including both biotic and abiotic aspects of all types of marine and estuarine systems, benthic as well as pelagic. As several subdisciplines add to this aim, manuscripts are welcome from the fields of marine biology, marine geology, marine chemistry, and physical oceanography, provided they are not matthews johnson descriptive.

Although the emphasis is on fundamental research, papers describing important and relevant new techniques, methods and apparatus will also be considered. Systematics and Biodiversity is devoted to whole-organism biology. The criterion for publication is matthews johnson merit. Systematics and Biodiversity documents the diversity of organisms in all natural phyla, through taxonomic papers that have a broad context (not single species descriptions), also addressing topical issues relating to biological collections, matthews johnson the principles of systematics.

It particularly emphasises the importance and multi-disciplinary significance of systematics, with contributions which address the implications of other fields for systematics, or which advance our understanding читать полностью other fields through taxonomic knowledge, especially in relation to the nature, origins, and conservation of biodiversity, at all taxonomic levels.

The Journal of Theoretical Biology is the leading forum for theoretical papers that give insight into biological processes. It covers a very wide range of topics and is of interest to biologists in many areas of research.

Many of the papers make use of mathematics, and an effort is matthews johnson to make the papers intelligible to biologists as a whole.



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