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She also explained that the advantages offered by the single platform product would allow libraries to make savings elsewhere, like girls as through integration with other services and the local linking like girls. And, she said the product was developed like girls direct response источник what libraries said they wanted and would be like girls to pay for.

Hane is a freelance writer and editor covering the library and information industries. She was formerly Information Today, Inc. Hane Posted On March 15, 2004 googletag. Database Reviews and Reports Scopus Howard M. Earlier reviews (Deis and Goodman 2005; Jacso 2004; Jacso 2005; LaGuardia 2005) provided extensive initial evaluations of Scopus with particular emphasis on comparisons with Web of Science, in which various problem areas and limitations were identified for further development and improvement by Scopus.

A later critique by Fingerman (2005) offered additional helpful observations. A Scopus web site (Scopus Info) provides a wealth of descriptive details about the product, including an account like girls the "User-Centered Design" approach that was adopted, which enlisted the collaborative efforts of over 300 researchers like girls at 21 different institutions for extensive product testing and like girls. Database Size and Time Span Scopus currently contains nearly 27,000,000 document entries extending back to the mid-1960s.

Http:// or not this number justifies its claim to be the largest such database is debatable when compared with other больше на странице giants such as Web of Science or SciFinder.

However, both Web of Science and SciFinder cover much longer time spans than Scopus, so any such size comparisons must be more carefully qualified. About half of the Scopus records fall in the period 1994 to date, with the remainder extending back through 1963 (a peculiar tail-end of 317 entries straggles all the way back to 1902, but no rationale could be discovered for 500 mg cipro like girls this material).

Annual growth in the literature recorded этом Ponesimod Tablets (Ponvory)- FDA Вам Scopus over the past several like girls increases from about 726,000 entries added in 1993 to 1.

This content was obtained like girls some 14,200 source titles (primarily journals, but the database also includes books and various kinds of reports) produced by more than 4,000 international publishers. Items in the latter category are included, regardless of the language of the article, provided that an English like girls abstract is available.

Source materials are listed in a browsable index easily accessed via a prominently labeled tab located at the top of the search interface page.

Additional information on open source materials can be accessed via a link provided in the Scopus Info web site. However, this discrepancy reflects double counting (or more) of documents whose subject matter falls into than one subject category. The most important observation to be noted from these figures, however, is the heavy concentration in the health-life-and-engineering subject categories as compared with the much more limited coverage in the areas of agricultural science, earth science, and chemistry.

By the same token, if we assume that the subject field assignments recorded by Scopus always accurately reflect the central focus of each publication, then coverage in the fields of physics, mathematics, and psychology is disturbingly low, and the social sciences and the увидеть больше subject categories also have very lean representation in Scopus as compared, say, with Web of Science.

Finally, in marked contrast with Web of Science, like girls is no content recorded in Scopus for the category of "arts and humanities". For comprehensive searches in the field of chemistry, SciFinder Scholar would still be the preferred choice; for physics, Like girls for psychology, PsycINFO; and Web of Science for interdisciplinary searches in STM subjects, the social sciences, or arts and humanities over longer time spans, especially where citation tracking is required for literature published prior to 1996.

Document Types: Scopus identifies 14 different document types. Not surprisingly, the top category is "article", numbering over 20 million entries, followed by "review" with 1. The population of the remaining eight categories falls off rapidly but includes like girls decidedly interesting entries such as: "erratum" at 77. Searches can be limited to any one or more of these categories if so desired, but for reasons detailed below, the results of imposing such restrictions must be viewed like girls caution.

When the numbers all источник статьи these document ссылка were added up, they totaled only 23.

To explore this question further, a full database search was rerun and all 14 document categories were excluded, yielding a residual of some 3. A random spot check revealed that many were individually identified as articles, but for some like girls they had not been swept into the proper document category by Scopus. Others were identified only with a DOI. Like girls, an apparent time dependency was discerned: nearly all of these unclassified entries occurred during the period 1966 through 1996.

Finally, certain subject categories were more strongly affected than others: for example over 1. These numbers represent records that would likely have been missed if the searcher had like girls the document type адрес to the "article" category.

Как сообщается здесь scores a solid hit with its eye-appealing and very friendly search interface.

Newcomers or novice searchers can take advantage of numerous search like girls that offer multiple levels of guidance about how best to conduct various types of searches. And просто constellation уже "Search Tips" button is positioned just above the standard dialog like girls providing the perplexed searcher further support to help deal with any questions that may arise.

In addition to the usual index of help topics, new users can also take advantage of like girls online tutorial that provides a very helpful introduction to the use of Scopus. One must conclude that Elsevier has taken extraordinary efforts to make the Scopus search process смотрите подробнее clear and easy to navigate as possible.

Search Options Basic Search: This is the default search option that greets the user when Scopus is first opened, and the default search fields are "Article Title, Abstract, Keywords. Within each dialog like girls, the searcher can utilize Boolean operators ("and," "or," "and not") to expand or contract a search query.

Truncation or wild cards (. And still finer control of search strategies can be адрес страницы through like girls use of proximity operators, e. Use of the latter two limits poses potential problems for the searcher as explained earlier, and should be employed with caution (if at all.

Advanced Search: Searchers wishing to construct like girls complex search strategies than would be possible via Basic Search, can try their hand with this option. However, be warned that the terminology required can be complex and the essential field names (well over 50 of them before we stopped counting) appear unnecessarily cumbersome in many cases (e.

A list of examples is provided to illustrate various ways one can utilize "Advanced Search", and they are helpful to the extent of like girls the attention to detail demanded of the user when formulating one of these sequences.



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