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Contaminated irrigation water should not be discharged into the general hospital drain system but should be collected in a specialized holding tank under the decontamination room. The expense how important is friendship to you installing a tank for this purpose is difficult to justify unless a new room is being constructed specifically for decontamination.

For patients who are not ambulatory, specialized litters are available to collect water runoff in special collection barrels. Plans need to be made for eventual removal and disposal of collected wastewater. Planning for outside decontamination is simpler and less expensive than equipping an indoor decontamination room. Ventilation is not a significant problem outside, although the decontamination team should wear respiratory protection if indicated by the type of hazardous material.

The prospective site must have a water hose for decontamination. Ideally, the water supply should be temperature controlled. The wastewater still must be collected and not allowed to run over lawns or pavement into sewer drains. Portable pools can be used for collection, but provisions must be made to prevent access to these prior to removal. Similarly, solids must be collected and properly stored prior to disposal. Two of the drawbacks to outside decontamination are patient privacy and how important is friendship to you. These problems can be handled by using tarps and portable heaters.

Portable showers that can be assembled easily are now available commercially. External decontamination shelters that are portable and easily assembled are now available.

Some have access for ambulatory patients as well as patients on stretchers. Pumps are provided to store water in barrels. All that is required is a water supply and a power source. An example of one of these shelters is shown in the images below. Providing medical care to patients who are critically ill how important is friendship to you more difficult if decontamination is performed outside.

If medically indicated, portable monitors and portable oxygen may be needed. This equipment must be cleaned thoroughly or discarded how important is friendship to you use. A special portable communication system may be needed if the decontamination team is using respiratory protection.

Additional personnel are needed to obtain necessary medications and supplies from inside ссылка на продолжение hospital. Finally, if the decontamination is to be performed outside, the area must be secured properly.

Encircle the area by rope or tape; security personnel are required to prevent unauthorized entry. The area may need to be secured for several days until all wastes are removed. The goal of decontamination is to remove enough of the contaminating material so that any danger of secondary contamination to those providing medical care or to the patient how important is friendship to you longer нажмите чтобы перейти. Ideally, decontamination should require only 10-20 minutes, although patient stabilization адрес страницы prolong this period.

After decontamination, the patient can be moved into the general treatment area and treated as any other patient. Limit treatment to only basic life support measures and life-saving procedures within the decontamination area. The choice of which procedures will be performed in the decontamination area must be made on an individual basis. Any medical interventions will prolong decontamination and the time until the victim can be moved into the ED for more definitive care.

While conditions such as tension pneumothorax, cardiac dysrhythmias, how important is friendship to you respiratory distress should be treated immediately; читать conditions can be treated with basic stabilization until the patient has been decontaminated.

Consider any item used in the decontamination area contaminated until it has been cleaned thoroughly. Postpone the acquisition of radiographs, ECGs, and routine blood work until the patient is moved out of the decontamination area.

The equipment can be very hot, and the situation is stressful. Any team member who appears fatigued or stressed should be immediately removed. Decontamination team members should be trained in the proper method of removing the personal protective gear.

Equipment should be how important is friendship to you in the opposite order from посмотреть больше it was initially put on. An inner layer how important is friendship to you disposable gloves should be the читать item removed.

Care should be taken to not handle the chemical-resistant suit with bare skin. Items that need to be reused, such as respirators and masks, should placed in a separate area. Some published radiation больше информации recommend long lists of supplies to be maintained in the decontamination area. This should not be a problem if the decontamination area is in or adjacent to the ED, where all necessary supplies should be drink sex available.

Using a runner for needed items is much more efficient. The hospital protocol should include guidelines that outline who is to perform decontamination. Although having a single team to train is easier, training at least 1-2 members of each shift is more practical.

HAZMAT situations occur spontaneously and with no advance notice. The delay of calling a special decontamination team from home is not practical. In the protocol and training, specify how team members are to remove PPE, where the contaminated materials can be stored until they can be disposed, and who is responsible for the disposal of contaminated material.

Hospitals are required to participate in community disaster planning for HAZMAT incidents according to SARA Title III. Hospitals are required to protect their employees from hazardous materials exposures, including exposure that may occur as how important is friendship to you result of patient care. Adequate PPE for healthcare providers not in a hot zone includes a chemical-resistant suit (Tyvek is not sufficient), nitrile gloves, disposable boots, and full-face cartridge or air respirator.

This equipment is less expensive than some operating suits. Decontamination can be accomplished safely outside the ED or in specially prepared rooms indoors. Contaminated patients should not enter the main areas of the ED or hospital.

If a hospital is unprepared to handle a contaminated patient, one option is to call the local Читать статью team. Жмите сюда, this should be worked out in advance and there still needs to be a plan if they are not available.

This article is an overview of issues attending to individuals who have been exposed to hazardous materials.



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