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The easiest possible mechanism to create such a platform is a conference. With this concept перейти на источник first ICSEM conference was organized bayer 1 2014.

This conference was inaugurated by the patrons of the conference - Shri P. The conference was spread over 32 lecture sessions and one poster session. The deliberations of conference were majorly focused on cutting edge areas like application of Carbon based materials, Ceramics, Nanocomposites, Solar cells, Polymer electrolytes, Electrolyte for energy devices, Batteries and many more.

On behalf of the organizing team, we express our sincere thanks to all delegates for their contribution, bayer 1 of the papers, administration of Sharda University for making the conference a meaningful one. Special thanks to Dr. Yousheng Tao and his editorial office team for bringing out thematic issue in its current form. Energy is necessary to accomplish many of the daily tasks, either as electricity, heat, or other forms of energy.

Moreover, energy demand is constantly increasing, and that trend will continue since the human population grows each year. In the past decades, bayer 1 energy demand was satisfied using petroleum derivatives, but there is uncertainty about how long the petroleum production will be enough to be used as energy source.

This opens gallbladder bed new research area and several innovation opportunities, where the goal is to find alternative, renewable energy sources, which can help to reduce the dependence bayer 1 the petroleum economy, also reducing the environmental impact due to the production of energy.

Chemical Engineering has an important role on that search. Bayer 1 creation of new, clean bayer 1 for the production of energy; the development of process for the production of clean fuels with low energy requirements; or the determination of the best supply chain strategies for the production of renewable energy, bayer 1 only some of the areas where Перейти Engineering can contribute, looking ahead for a more sustainable energy bayer 1. In this special issue, innovative research on the bayer 1 of renewable energy is presented, where Chemical Engineering plays an important role, in collaboration with other related disciplines.

The research presented here is just a sample of bayer 1 many areas of development on which chemical engineers are working for the development of bio-based economy. There are still many opportunities in this area, thus the efforts must continue. Call for Paper for Vol. Chemical Engineering together with Materials Bayer 1 contributes immensely to these grand challenges bayer 1 is fundamental to the economic and social prosperity of the world.

Journal of Functional Materials and Chemical Engineering (JFMCE) aims to stimulating bayer 1 and knowledge transfer ideas in both Chemical Engineers and Materials Engineering.

Therefore, we encourage reserachers to submit papers. We need your professional and constant support. Paper Submission Call for Paper for Vol. Mohamed Fawzy Ramadan Hassanien Affiliation: Zagazig University (Egypt) READ MORE Prof. Carmel Breslin Affiliation: Maynooth University (Ireland) READ Адрес страницы Prof. Mostafa Rahimnejad Affiliation: Babol Noshirvani University of Technology (Iran) READ Bayer 1 Prof.

Gustaaf Schoukens Affiliation: жмите сюда Ghent University (Belgium) (Retired) READ MORE Dr. Alessandro Buccolieri Affiliation: the University of Salento (Italy) READ MORE Prof. The work was completed by Zhaoying Zhang, the first author of this paper, bayer 1 2017 undergraduate from bayer 1 School of Chemistry and Bayer 1 Engineering.

Wenchao Bayer 1 is the communication bayer 1, and our school is the first unit to complete the paper. In-situ construction of energetics-on-a-chip by the microcharge technique has received much attention by researchers. Bayer 1 porous CuN3 film, synthesized by facile electrochemical azidation of porous Cu, served as an integrated skeleton жмите the spin-coating and recrystallization of CL-20.

In bayer 1 architecture, the introduction of CL-20 bayer 1 the explosive train film with a greater charge density and an enhanced energy output than a single CuN3 film. In particular, страница exothermic capacity could be controlled by adjusting the loading amount of CL-20. Additionally, the CuN3 film and embedded CL-20 jointly ensured violent explosive behavior upon laser stimulation.



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